16 November 2017, London

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November 16, 2017

08:00 AM - 11:45 AM

The Nave - Christ Church Spitalfields Venue

London E1 6LY, UK

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Light Breakfast

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Leading at Lightspeed London

Exclusive CEO | C-Suite Executive | Senior Leader Summit

Join us on this thought provoking journey into a rapidly approaching future of dynamic and constant change with Andrew Scott – Best selling author of “The 100-Year Life”, and Macroeconomics Professor at London School of Business.


Engage with leading influencers from across organisations and industries

Think Tanks

Identify the ‘lightspeed’ issues and impacts that are rapidly approaching the world, your organisation and you, then discuss and debate with your C-Suite peers

Thought Leadership

Share solutions and help define the ‘Leading at Lightspeed Blueprint’ which will be produced from the outputs of the London and Sydney events


Create a lasting impact for your organisation by influencing the development of your next level and emerging leaders


The Nave - Christ Church Spitalfields Venue

Christ Church, Commercial St,

London E1 6LY, UK


8am - 11:45am

Thursday 16 November 2017

Keynote Speaker


Andrew Scott

MSc (London), PhD (Oxford)

Andrew Scott is the best-selling author of “The 100-Year Life”, a Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean at London Business School. Having previously been advisor at the House of Commons and Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mauritius between 2007 and 2015, Andrew knows how important it is to highlight and tackle the political, social, economic, environmental and scientific landscape of today. He'll challenge you to think in a completely different way about the issues we read about from day to day, and engage you in a way that will trigger a desire to make a difference. Andrew is also a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford University and Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research. He previously held lecturing positions at Harvard University, London School of Economics and Oxford University.

Event Overview

A perfect storm of political, economic and social change is upon us, making the world we live and work in a far more complicated place to navigate than ever before. Businesses need to morph and adapt at light speed. Our Business Leaders must quickly understand and anticipate the changing world, and deliver results in ever-growing uncertainty, whilst leading their people to success and creating capable Leaders of the future.

In just under four hours - Leading at Lightspeed will take you on a mindbending and thought provoking journey into a rapidly approaching future of constant and dynamic change. As a Leader, your ideas and responses to such change help shape the world we live in. Over the course of the summit you will also engage with other leading influencers, from across organisations and industries, and have your perceptions, perspectives and thinking challenged in a series of round-table think tanks. This is your opportunity to dissect and discuss lightspeed issues and impacts; share solutions; and help define a new blueprint for leading that will continue to shape and prepare you as a Leader – and develop your future Leaders.

Your contributions and those of your C-Suite peers will be captured and produced into a published report of the London and Sydney events. The ultimate feature - the Leading at Lightspeed Blueprint created by Leaders for Leaders on how we lead our organisations, our people and society, and operate in a new world faced with far different challenges than those we’ve faced before.

It’s time to lead the World. Are you ready?

Event Outline

16 November, 2017

08:00 AM

Registration & Networking

Including light breakfast

8:30 AM

Welcome & Keynote

Master Facilitator & Andrew Scott

9:30 AM

Think Tank #1

Global Perspective

10:00 AM

Morning Tea Break

10:20 AM

Think Tank #2 & #3

Organisational Perspective

Your Next Level Leaders

11:30 AM


11:45 AM



The Leading at Lightspeed Blueprint

A blueprint for leading in times of rapid change - developed by leaders for leaders.

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16 November, 2017

The Nave - Christ Church Spitalfields Venue,
Christ Church, Commercial St,